Group Chairman´s Message ↓

Mr. Piyoosh Goyal - Group Chairman
We are pleased to share with you the core of Worlds Window Group, a force of 1000 people of WWG family putting themselves on the block for taking quantum leap in an ongoing effort to provide best services with focus on quality, safety, growth, care and contribution. It is further powered by the trust and confidence that our customers, shareholders, and financial institutions have shown in WWG.

We at WWG are working to be the stakeholders in global business. But it's far from being just a blind race for commercial success. We want our success to empower us with the capability to nurture the society, by helping us bring education and employment to as many hands as possible. We are inspired to create a conglomerate capable of standing up to, and perhaps surpassing, the biggest and the best in the world. Our diversification drive is a testimony to this cause. The diversification has been organic and immaculately planned. The group has diversified into related sectors that can not only pave avenues into new and growing

industries but can also lend support to the existing businesses through backward, forwardand horizontal integration.

I have always encouraged the philosophy of 'thinking unconventionally and taking the road less travelled' so we may create opportunities where no one has cared to look. By finding ingenious solutions to the tasks at hand, WWG has managed to redefine the rules of the game in all sectors. We aim to continue this drive for growth and realisation of our collective potential, as well as create a better social environment for the people in India.

We look forward to your continued support in manifesting this dream of success and social development.

Piyoosh Goyal