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Question:   What are the basic services provided at ICD Loni?.
Answer:   ICD Loni, operated by Worlds Window Infrastructure & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (WWILPL) is engaged in providing various services for facilitation of containerized Export-Import business which includes: Storage of cargo and containers, Handling of cargo and containers, Warehousing of goods, Consolidation, Bonding, etc. under all applicable schemes and regulations of the Customs Act, 1962. Other facilities like container washing, repairing, lashing, fumigation, etc. are also being provided. ICD Loni provided facility and services to enable Customs clearance of Export-Import cargo/containers and also provide infrastructure and resources for their transportation via rail and road. Please refer to the Services section of our website for more details.

Question:   What infrastructure and features made available at ICD Loni to meet trade demands?.
Answer:  ICD Loni has one of the largest container and cargo handling fleet in the NCR and is only PPP model ICD to deploy Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes for handling of containers. ICD Loni has over 100 acres of paved containers yards dedicated for storage of containers and has 2.10 lacs sq. ft. covered and fully developed warehousing space for storage of cargo. Please refer to the Infrastructure section of our website for more details.

Question:  What safety and security features are available at ICD Loni?.
Answer:   ICD Loni has deployed 24x7 security guards at various areas at the terminal and also installed adequate CCTV cameras (equipped with night vision and motion sensors) for round the clock monitoring. Latest fire-fighting arrangements are also made available by internationally acclaimed “Ceasefire”. Besides this, ICD Loni is a fully insured facility.

Question:  How can I trust the merits of ICD Loni?.
Answer:   ICD Loni in itself is a success story. The ICD is presently handling 7 times of the volumes it was when the operations were handed over to WWILPL in the year 2007. It is now serving more than 500 customers a month and managing a consistent throughput of around 14000 TEUs. ICD Loni enjoys patronage of all Shipping Lines and major Train Operators working out of North India and tons of Customs House Agents and Transporters are offering their services to the customers using ICD Loni. For transportation, one can also avail services of Maple Logistics, a sister concern of WWILPL, having an enormous fleet of 500 container trailers. Similarly for Shipping-Forwarding and clearance solutions, Seagull Maritime, another company of WWG, is providing their services across the globe.
The world class service levels of ICD Loni have been acknowledged a number of times by the EXIM trade community and evidently, ICD Loni was honored with - News Maker of the Year in Conquest (2011), Inland Container Depot of the Year in Gateway Awards of Excellence (2012) and Inland Container Depot of the Year in Northern India Multimodal Logistics Awards (2013 & 2014).
ICD Loni also has all 04 ISO certifications (ISO: 9001, 14001, 18001 and 28001) and now is also C-TPAT and WCO Compliance.

Question:  What are the charges applicable for services being provided at ICD Loni? And are there any discounts on the same?.
Answer:   The charges for various services and handling at ICD Loni are very competitive. Please refer to the ICD Loni Public Tariff for more details. Discounts can be considered wherever possible based on frequency / commitment of volumes and other factors. Please get in touch with our Marketing team for more information.

Question:  My cargo requires special handling and storage arrangements. How would they be treated at ICD Loni?.
Answer:   ICD Loni is fully equipped to handle any cargo and specialized arrangements have already been made for some of our customers. Customized storage and handling arrangements can also be made and infrastructural developments / amendments can also be done depending on the needs of handling.

Question:  How can I divert my shipments to ICD Loni?.
Answer:   Please get in touch with our Customer Care Team / Marketing Team who would guide you through the simple process of diverting your consignment to ICD Loni.

Question:  How can I track status of my containers at ICD Loni?.
Answer:  Once the container has arrived at ICD Loni, it is entered in an automated tracking system which works on Radio Frequency technology. ICD Loni is the first ICD in the NCR to implement this international standard RFID system. It enables real time updation and tracking of containers. As and when a container is placed in the stacks or moved from one location to other within the premises, the location is automatically and instantaneously updated in the RFID system and it can be tracked through any of the following modes –

1) Physical presence – If a container is to be traced by someone who is physically available at the terminal, they can use the self service kiosks placed at the main lobby of the Admin Building. Alternatively one can also approach the Customer Care Cell at the ICD and ask for the desired information.

2) Through Internet – ICD Loni has recently introduced system of tracking containers through internet (PC/ mobile phone). One can simply go to and retrieve status of their containers by entering the container numbers.

3) Through Self Service Portal – ICD Loni has an exclusive self-service portal whereby one can check the status of containers and can also perform a number of other activities like submitting request for Job Orders, checking PD accounts, making online payments, etc. The portal can be accessed at

4) Through Customer Care Assistance – One can also send an enquiry to our customer care cell at or call 0120-2817614.

Question:  From where can I further assistance?.
Answer:   ICD Loni has a single window Customer Care Cell working even in extended business hours where all required information and assistance is provided.

Customer Care Cell

Worlds Window Infrastructure & Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Inland Container Depot, Loni

Ghaziabad, UP 201 102

Tel: 0120-2817614 | Fax:011-66173500


ICD Loni also provides customized reports and Key Account Managers to major customers.