Warehouse Facility ↓

  • A very strategic component of our service segment, our Warehouse Facilities attract large numbers of clients towards our business. A large business like ours, require well maintained storage and delivery systems. Offered at an economical price, we provide safe and spacious Warehousing facilities to our clients on a rental basis.

  • 8 warehouses of having total covered and developed warehousing space of 2,23,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Cargo Handling Equipments: 5 Forklifts, 3 Hydra cranes.

  • Above 100 acres of adjacent land have been acquired and developed for ICD related facilities.

  • We provide a secure, clean, well-managed warehouse. Space is reserved as you need it. Changing needs can be accommodated, including providing additional space for seasonal or promotional needs, or reducing space during slow periods.